Tim "Big Daddy Mac" Mcpherson Benton, ky, US

Tim "Big Daddy Mac" McPherson

Hometown: Benton, ky, US
Races I'm Signed Up For
Event / Class Profile
BuLLeT Town R/c - MayHEM Race -11th Annual
1. 1/8 E-Truggy TAZ
2. 1/8 Expert E-Buggy bullet
1. 1/10th Truggy chaos
2. 4whl Buggy pocket rocket
3. 1/8 Expert E-BUGGY bullet
JConcepts INS9 Winter Indoor Nationals 2019 St. Louis
1. 1/10 4wd Truggy chaos
2. 4WD Modified Buggy pocket rocket
1. 1/8 Age 40+ Electric Buggy bullet
2. 1/8 Electric Truggy TAZ
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Date Event Class Result
11/27/16 Black Sat Blowout E Buggy 6th A
11/26/16 Black Sat Blowout 2wh mod $th B
11/26/16 Black Sat Blowout 4wh mod 7th B
11/26/16 Black Sat Blowout 4wh mod 7th B
04/10/16 PNB 1/8 +40 nitro 12th C main
04/10/16 PNB 1/8 E Buggy 17th D main
02/28/16 February fallout EBuggy 9th A main
02/28/16 February fallout 4wh SCT dash for cash 1st
02/28/16 February fallout 4wh SCT A !ain 2nd
01/10/16 Radioactive pro 4 TQ and 1st in the A
11/28/15 BLACK SAT BLOW OUT E Buggy 7th c
11/28/15 BLACK SAT BLOWOUT pro 4 7th A
11/07/15 Club pro 4 4TH
11/07/15 club 8th scale buggy 6th A
10/31/15 club $ wh corr 6th
10/31/15 Club 8TH scale buggy 4th A
10/31/15 Club 8TH scale buggy 4th A
10/24/15 Radioactive 4wh 2nd A
10/17/15 Radioactive 4 wh pro 2nd A
10/17/15 Radioactive 8TH scale buggy 3rd A
10/17/15 Radioactive 8TH scale buggy 3rd A
10/03/15 SRI SHOWDOWN 8TH scale buggy 3rdc
10/03/15 SRI SHOWDOWN 4 wh pro 3rd B
02/28/15 Febuwary Fallout at Radioactive 4 WH corr bumped from C to 6th B
02/28/15 Febuwary Fallout 8th scale 3rd C
01/17/15 Radioactive 1/8 Buggy 1st
01/11/15 Radioactive 1/8 Buggy 3rd A
01/03/15 radioactive 1/8 buggy 2nd A
01/03/15 radioactive 4 wh buggy 7th A
12/27/14 Radioactive 1/8th Buggy 2nd A MAIN
12/13/14 Radioactive 1/8th E Buggy 1st A
11/30/14 Black sat Blow out RADIOACTIVE RACEWAY 1/8th E Buggy 9th overal
11/30/14 Black sat Blow out RADIOACTIVE RACEWAY 4 w buggy 18th
10/12/14 Radioactive E buggy 5th A
08/17/14 Radioactive E BUGGY 9th A
06/30/14 June Jam 1/8th nitro buggy 3rd Amain
02/10/14 Radioactive 4 wheel buggy 2nd A
02/10/14 Radioactive 4 wh corr tq and 2nd AMAIN
12/21/13 RadioActive Raceway E BUGGY 3rd A
07/20/13 futuba shootout expert brokenot agood weekend
06/29/13 AMS OPEN E BUGGY fin 6th D broke
06/08/13 Boneyard June Jam nitro buggy 6th A
06/08/13 Boneyard June Jam E Buggy 3rd C
05/18/13 Boneyard KY 1/8 E buggy q 3rd f 3rd A
05/11/13 mahem at bullet town expert E buggy finished 6th b broke
04/20/13 Boneyard Mayfield ky 1/8 E buggy Q 4th F 3rd in the A
04/13/13 boneyard 4 wh buggy q 4th f 4th A
02/23/13 action yenn 4w mod 5th b
01/12/13 action clarksville 4w mod Q 6th A Fin 4th
12/29/12 tisoc thunder rc 4w mod 5 c f 3rd c
12/22/12 thunder rc Nashville 4 wmod q 9th A F 7th
12/15/12 action rc clarksville tenn 4w mod buggie Q 8th a finished 5th
08/22/12 boneyard expert 6th a
07/13/12 st louis futuba challange sportsman 2nd b
06/30/12 bonardey expert buggy Q 6 F5
07/24/10 Boneyard expert buggie Q 3rd in B bumped f 7th a main
07/17/10 bullet tow milen tennn expert buggy Q 6th a main finished 6th
07/11/10 Futuba OS NITRO CHAllANGE St louis expert 6th E
06/19/10 boneyard expert 5th b
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King Cobra of Florida
16th Annual Bigfoot Offroad Xtravaganza

Track: 405 RC Raceways and Hobbies
Location: Oklahoma City, OK, US
Date: 02/22/19 - 02/24/19


Track: Leisure Hours R/C Raceway
Location: Joliet, IL, US
Date: 02/28/19 - 03/03/19

Track Crew DOING WORK!
By: Patrick "Ditty" Rossiter
Race: 2014 Colonel's Winter Classic: RESCHEDULED
Track: Phil Hurd Raceway
North Florida Facebook Reunion Race at Shiverville
By: Patrick "Ditty" Rossiter
Race: North Florida R/C Racers United, 1st Annual Family Reunion
Track: Shiverville Speedway
February 2014 Club Race
By: Theo "Mr. Kojak" Price
Race: •·.·´¯`·.Capital City Raceway Off-Road Race.·´¯`·.·•
Track: Capital City Raceway

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