Bobby "Cc" Phillips Jacksonville, FL, US

Bobby "CC" Phillips

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL, US
Races I'm Signed Up For
Event / Class Profile
Winter Rage at The X
1. 1/8 E Truggy My Old SP2
2. 1/10 4wd Buggy B44.2
More Stuff
Date Event Class Result
07/26/08 SuperCup - Round 2 J82 Outlaw 4th - A Main
07/26/08 SuperCup - Round 2 4wd 2nd - A-Main
07/26/08 SuperCup - Round 2 Mod Truck 1st - A-Main
05/31/08 SuperCup - Round 1 Mod Truck 4th - A Main
05/31/08 SuperCup - Round 1 4wd 3rd - A Main
05/31/08 SuperCup - Round 1 J82 Outlaw 3rd - A Main
02/25/08 FSORS #3 - Electric 4wd Snap-Crack-Pop
02/25/08 FSORS #3 - Electric Mod Truck 2nd - A-Main
09/10/06 FSORS #7 - Electric Mod Truck 1st - A-Main
07/16/06 FSORS #6 - Nitro 1/8th Expert 5th - A-Main
05/14/06 FSORS #4 - Electric 4wd 2nd - A-Main
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Comments (1-30 of 1542)
  • Trevor "T-rev" Williams at 01/08/14 at 8:44 PM
    Bobby, can you add Schuur Speed to the electric motors list.....thanks
  • Southern Nationals (track) at 09/12/13 at 9:00 AM
    Hey Bobby, I have been trying to send out emails to my race entries for the Southern Nationals and have not been successful over the last 3 days. I've never had a problem before now. Can you help me with this? Thanks! Jeff Gray
  • Kenneth Dennison at 08/08/12 at 10:49 PM
    Thanks Man, took a couple years off, so just getting the car upgraded and ready at the local track and looking forward to it!!!
  • Jason "JB" Branham at 12/15/11 at 12:47 PM
    Bobby, Could you please add Agama EA8 to the Electric buggy list for a car profile? Thanks
  • Scott Muller at 12/10/11 at 7:05 PM
    Yes sir that is the site...thanks for the quick response and this site is awewome!
  • Thomas "the big cheese" Hitchcock at 08/29/11 at 2:08 PM
    hey bobby , we are doing great, besides some health problems the store and tracks are rockin. we miss u and dad. if u ever want to run some 1/10th scale elctric u know we have the best track around. it has been crazy averaging 75 to 90 racers EVERYWEEK, i finally got off my ass and went to kens track for the super cup this past weekend. freakin hot, but lots of fun. they are awesome people. well hope to see u soon and hope everything is going good for you and your family ..peace out Tom & Melanie
  • Tim "Bulb" Bulb at 08/26/11 at 8:42 AM
    Just "Tamiya mini" or Tamiya M-chassis is what it's called. Models are M03, M04, M05, and M06. Mini racing is growing everywhere, and is some of the closest and funnest racing you'll see. At our last Western Canada series race, we had 50 mini entrants. More than any of the touring classes.
  • Tim "Bulb" Bulb at 08/23/11 at 11:15 PM
    You should add Tamiya mini also. There is going to be a surge of mini entrants in my area this winter due to our series in western canada (WCICS) going to a spec brushless system. thank You Tim Bulb
  • shayne reinhardt at 06/20/11 at 8:10 PM
    thanks man but im really confused about how to acually sign up
  • Corry "C Dub" Wildeman at 05/05/11 at 1:10 PM
    Thank you very much i appreciate it, im new to the circuit but looking forward to some racin
  • Mike Starkl at 03/29/11 at 6:06 PM
    Thanks for the welcome
  • William "Gonzo" Beck at 03/29/11 at 1:00 AM
    it took me a while to post a reply but thanks for the welcome Bobby !!
  • matthew "brad pasley" brown at 03/26/11 at 10:33 PM
    Thank you. I just bought a spectrum dx3e controller and dnt know how to bind it can you give me any pointers?
  • Marc "Marc" Nichols at 03/20/11 at 8:49 PM
  • Jeff Werner at 03/17/11 at 1:29 PM
    Thanks for the message. Looking forward to the event!

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King Cobra of Florida
16th Annual Bigfoot Offroad Xtravaganza

Track: 405 RC Raceways and Hobbies
Location: Oklahoma City, OK, US
Date: 02/22/19 - 02/24/19


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Location: Joliet, IL, US
Date: 02/28/19 - 03/03/19

Track Crew DOING WORK!
By: Patrick "Ditty" Rossiter
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Track: Capital City Raceway

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