2010 Wiregrass Indoor Nationals Troy "Mr. T" Turner


2010 Wiregrass Indoor Nationals

What a exhausting weekend!!!!! Qual 1 - Buggy felt good but ran out of fuel on the last lap. After the qual was over both clutch bearings were froze up. Qual 2 - Engine temps were now 30 degree's lower with the fresh bearings. Engine ran fat but still felt good. Once again ran out of fuel on the last lap before the wire. Qual 3 - Engine retuned and now was ballistic!!!! It was actually too much power for how loose the track was. By the 3rd qual the track was completely blown out so any set up or tire combo was in the air.

Mains- I ended up qualing 1st in the B. At the start horn I made the first turn at the end of the start and hit the first double where I went on my lid and went from 1st to last! With a 30 minute main I worked my way back up and finished 1st and a bump up to the A-Main. A-Main - I started 14th from the bump up. By this time the track was blown out again from all the races prior. About 15 minutes into it I broke the stinger off the end off my exhaust pipe and thought I was done for. But with the help from a great pit guy, Cory Gladish, we were able to run back to the trailer swap the header and pipe out and get back out on the track. I finshed in 13th position, one up from where I started. All in all, I had a great time on a very challenging track.

Special thanks goes out to Mike Battalie from VP Fuels! If you haven't tried VP fuels yet, your missing out!

Products Used
Z-Car - Buggy, Go Engines - GX-5, Vp-Pro - Tires (Midium Cutoffs), Spectrum - Radio, VP Fuels

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