WORS Rd 1 - Big Barn Shootout Terry "the Godfather" Leeman


Wors Rd 1 - Big Barn Shootout

Wow! What else is there to say???? This was an amazing weekend. I was very nervous coming into this race as it was my first time ever racing on dirt. I am a clean carpet guy. I arrived on Friday afternoon for some practice and after about 2 packs and 20 or so laps I was feeling somewhat cofortable out there. I signed up for 2 classes - 2WD Short Course and Stadium Truck. The 2 trucks felt good throughout practice but I was feeling the need to run something 4WD as well. With lots of help from Jody Bucknell, we managed to get together a Team Durango wheeler that I entered early qualifying day.

Saturday was qualifying....... My Team Associated SC5M and T5m were absolutley dialed. After 3 rounds of qualifying I managed the A mains in all 3 classes. Q2 for 2WD SC, Q2 for ST and Q14 for 4WD Buggy.

Sunday was tripple A mains. SC and ST were a battle. I finished A1 with a win in ST, 2nd in SC and 8th in wheeler. A2 was the same tight battle as A1 in SC and ST. I finished 2nd in both and 14th in wheeler. A3 was a blast. I finished 1st in SC and 2nd in ST. let not go into wheeler okay?...... After the points were released, I finished my first ever event on dirt in 2nd in 2WD SC, 2nd in Stadium Truck and 14th in wheeler. This result - A main in all 3 classes - is better than I could have ever imagined and I am so looking forward to round 2 in Kelowna.

Products Used
RC10 SC5M - Reedy powered RC10 T5M - Reedy powered Team Durango DEX410 - Maclan Powered Spektrum TX/RX Track Power Batteries JCon Double D's tires

The Next Level Fall Classic

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