North Florida Facebook Reunion Race at Shiverville Patrick "Ditty" Rossiter


North Florida Facebook Reunion Race At Shiverville

originally wrote on 1/30/14:

This past weekend, I had planned a secret little roadtrip for myself to go racing. I could've invited a friend or 2, but this was one of those rare occasions where I could go solo and have some time alone. So I borrowed my stepdad's truck, picked up the race trailer from work, and headed off the 3.5 hours to Shiverville Raceway in High Springs, FL for the North Florida Reunion Race. It was a 1/10 and 1/8 scale electric only event. Since my E Buggy hadnt arrived yet. I had to chose from my 22, 22SCT, and XXX4. In the end, I left my 22 buggy on the wall and raced the other 2. Down in FL, all their stock classes are in spec/blinky mode. My 22SCT already had a 17.5 Gen2 Redline in it, so I hooked up the Castlelink and took the Mamba Max Pro out of "Cheat Mode". Due to electrical problems from the get go, I qualified 17th out of 17 in Stock SCT. I managed to win the B Main and sit 9th on the grid in the A. I had been hunting gearing and motor timing ever since I got there. I did the best I could and managed 7th place. Needless to say, I have another ESC in my sights for next time! My XXX4 surprised alot of people, including myself! In a field of Associateds and Schumachers, it TQ'd round 1 of qualifying and ended 2nd on the grid for the A Main using a Venom 6.5T with another Mamba Max Pro, also in blinky mode. The motor was plenty fast so I saw no need to add timing to it. By the time the main rolled around, the temps had dropped significantly. For some reason, the ESC didn't like that. Throughout the entire main, it kept cutting out on me. I managed to hang onto 3rd. After all racing was done and camping out in the trailer the night before, I had 2 choices: either drive back that night or drive the extra 50 miles south and stay with some friends in their apartment. Since my home track of Phil Hurd Raceway was hosting a club race the next day at 1pm, to which I had to direct, either way, I had to be back in Savannah at a reasonable time. I drove south to Gainesville, crashed at their apt., and got on the road at just before 8am to be pulling into Phil Hurd at 11:45am! Spent the rest of the day up in the timing booth with my heater calling races! All in all, it was a great weekend! Can't wait to be back in Florida again soon! 

Products Used
TLR XXX4, TLR 22SCT, SWEEP Square Armor, Leadfinger R/C pitbox, Spektrum DX4R

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