Great Race Chase "RodgePodge" Rogers


Great Race

As practice started off my truck felt very good on the track and took little stup change to get where I liked it to be. This was my first big race running all associated/ jconcepts products and sidewinder fuels. I felt like they just work together very well. As the first round of qualifying got underway the track was slightly moist and made my JC Subcultures fell hooked up. This would be my only round running a 14 lap pace, I was also the only sportsman truggy river to do this until round 4. The rest of qualifying I changed tires, and while my truck felt comfortable it was just not able to be pushed quite as hard as the track was losing moisture and the surface was breaking up. After qualifying was over I was sitting in tq position, unfortunately in the begining of the main I was running too conservatively and out of my comfort zone and I went from 1st to last. I began to push my truck and laid down some fast laps to make my way back into the battle but ended the day in 5th position. All in all this was a good race for me because it taught me what it takes to stay fast and win long mains. Ill get them next time!

Products Used
Associated RC8T CE Jconcepts Punisher Jconcepts Subcultures Blue Compound Reedy 121 VR Airtronics MT-4 Radio

2023 WERC Series - Wilde Events - Round #1

Track: Playground RC
Location: Yakima, WA
Date: 04/28/23 - 04/30/23

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