Ryan "Flyin Mexican" Lopez Loganville, GA, US

Ryan "Flyin Mexican" Lopez

Hometown: Loganville, GA, US
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Date Event Class Result
04/21/12 Silver State 2012 1/8th Pro Buggy Qualified 13, Finished 10 A-main
04/21/12 Silver State 2012 1/8ht Pro Truggy Quailified 14th, Finished 13th A-main
04/14/12 10,000 Money Race at The Pit 1/8 Pro E-buggy Tq, Finshed 1st
04/14/12 10,000 Money race at The Pit 1/8th Pro buggy Qualified 2nd, Finished 2nd
04/14/12 10,000 Money race at The Pit 1/8th Pro Truggy Qualified 1st, Finished 1st
02/25/12 2012 Psycho Nitro Blast 1/8th Pro Truggy qualified 8th, Finished 6th
02/25/12 2012 Pyscho Nitro Blast 1/8th Pro Buggy qualified 7th, Finished 6th
12/10/11 Fawl Brawl Myrtle beach 1/8th Pro Buggy Qualified 4th,Finished 2nd
10/29/11 Alabama Indoor Shootout 1/8 Pro Buggy Qualified 1st, Finished 1st
09/17/11 R/c Pro series 1/8th Pro Truggy Qualified 1st,Finished 1st
09/17/11 R/c Pro Series 1/8th Pro Buggy Qualified 3rd,Finished 4th
07/23/11 MMS Series Final Qualified 1st Finished 1st
06/11/11 Georgia Series Championship 1/8th Pro buggy Finished 1st overall
06/04/11 AMS 2.0 1/8th Pro truggy Qualified 13th, Finished 14th
03/12/11 psycho Nitro Blast 2011 1/8th Pro Truggy Qualified 4th,Finised 2nd
03/12/11 psycho Nitro Blast 2011 1/8th Pro buggy Qualified 6th, Finished 3rd
02/05/11 Electric Indoor Super Regionals 1/8th Pro Buggy Qualified 2nd/ Finished 1st
01/29/11 Round 1 GCS 1/8th pro Buggy Qualified 1st, Finished 1st
11/13/10 The Turkey Shootout 1/8th pro buggy Qualified 3rd,Finished 2nd
09/25/10 Southern Nationals 1/8th pro buggy Qualified 4th, Finshed 4th
06/04/10 AMS 2010 1/8th pro Buggy Qualified 8th,Finished 7th
05/15/10 GSC Round 3 1/8th pro Buggy Qualified 1st,Finished 1st
03/06/10 Pyscho Nitro Blast 1/8th Pro Buggy Qualified 2nd, Finished 4th
02/20/10 GSC Round 1 1/8th Pro buggy Qualified 1st,Finished 1st
02/20/10 GSC Round 1 2010 1/8th Pro buggy Qualified 1st, Finished 1st
01/22/10 Ohio CRCRC 1/8th Pro Buggy Qualified 11th, Finished 15th
10/10/09 Rc Pro Series Final 1/8th Pro Buggy Qualified 5th,Finished 5th
10/01/09 SIC 2009 1/8th Pro Buggy Qualified 14th,Finished 1st
10/01/09 SIC 2009 1/8th Pro Truggy Qualified 2nd,Finished 4th
06/25/09 2009 Roar Nationals 18th Pro Buggy qualifed 25th,Finished 27th
05/02/09 Wiregrass nationals 1/8th Pro Buggy Qualified 6th, Finished 1st
05/02/09 Wiregrass nationals 1/8th Pro Truggy Qualified 3rd, Finished 3rd
04/04/09 Round 1 RC Pro series mrytle beach 1/8th pro buggy qualified 2nd, finished 2nd
04/04/09 Round 1 RC pro series myrtle beach 1/8th pro Truggy Qualified 1st, finished 1st
02/09/09 Psycho Nitro Blast 2009 1/8th Pro Buggy Qualified 12th, Finished 6th
05/17/08 Rc Pro series East 1/8th Pro Buggy Qaulified 2nd, DNF
05/04/08 Georgia State Pro Series Rd 3 "Savannah" 1/8th Pro Truggy Qualified 2nd, Finished 1st
09/26/07 Futaba Nirto Challenge 2007 "louisiana" 1/8th pro buggy Qualified 2nd,Finished 1st
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Comments (1-30 of 17)
  • Nathan ""Bubba"" Barham at 04/04/11 at 9:40 AM
    Ryan, hope you are doing well. I just want to invite you to come over and race with us at the Flowood R/C Indoor Park. You came when we had the outdoor track, I want you to come see the finest indoor facility and the first city owned in the US. Take a look at www.trackseekers.com Hopefully you can make our Bring The Heat Race in July. Adam and Ronda Drake are coming as is Mark Pavidis. Good Luck and look forward to seeing you. Bubba
  • Leon McIntosh at 07/22/08 at 11:59 PM
    nice myspace picture of yourself dork! gimmie a call when you get a chance
  • Matt "BIG PUDDIN" Sistrunk at 06/12/08 at 8:12 PM
  • Dave Leikam at 05/23/08 at 9:39 PM
    I'm going to stay put this weekend and wrench a little.
  • Dave Leikam at 05/23/08 at 5:36 PM
    I will do it. You going to l-ville this weekend?
  • Dave Leikam at 05/08/08 at 10:09 PM
    Man, i'm just tryin to hang with you brotha!!!! "Mr. Factory"
  • Jason "JB" Branham at 05/05/08 at 2:51 PM
    What up bro? How is the new car coming along for you?
  • Bobby "CC" Phillips at 05/04/08 at 8:32 PM
    Hope you're doing good bro..been a while. Tell you Pops I said Hi.
  • Bobby "CC" Phillips at 05/04/08 at 9:18 AM
    You're added. Thanks for volunteering. Where are all your cars though?
  • Benny Smith at 02/12/08 at 2:31 PM
    Hey Ryan Had fun in Warner Robins with you & your dad. Benny
  • Danny "Wii" Verdecchia at 01/08/08 at 8:00 PM
    What's up OFM (original flyin mexican)!?!? Glad to see you made it! Perfect timing to use this pic!
  • Corey Johnson at 01/07/08 at 10:09 AM
    Whats up Ryan? you goin to ATL?

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King Cobra of Florida
16th Annual Bigfoot Offroad Xtravaganza

Track: 405 RC Raceways and Hobbies
Location: Oklahoma City, OK, US
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Location: Joliet, IL, US
Date: 02/28/19 - 03/03/19

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By: Patrick "Ditty" Rossiter
Race: 2014 Colonel's Winter Classic: RESCHEDULED
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Track: Capital City Raceway

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