Event Information

Registration: https://forms.gle/wpQ13o3FfTUu87Rr9


1.You are eligible to participate in the challenge provided you have filled out the registration form and received approval from Rlaarlo via email.

2.You are allowed to compete using only the AM-D12 model (any version). You are free to upgrade and modify the Rlaarlo car multiple times as per your preference. However, the car's body shell and chassis must remain originally AM-D12.

3.No adding of anything outside of AM-D12 to make it fly or glide somehow

4.You must share your video to one of the following platforms before the deadline: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, and include the tag @Rlaarlo.

5.Specifications of the electronic stability control system, motor, and battery must also be displayed in the video format.

6.Any photo or video material provided by the participants can be used by Rlaarlo.

7.You need to use the GPS from the Sky RC brand to test the hight. The recommended model is GSM020.



1.The competition video must be recorded in a single, unedited sequence.The entire process from the car taking off to landing must be fully recorded.

2.The race video should include a detailed description of the modified electronic system as well as clear time data.

3.The car should come to a controlled stop and be in working condition at the end of its run. The car must be powered solely by its tires and should remain on the ground at all times.

4.We will review the videos and confirm the final scores. If there is a discrepancy with your own measurements, we will notify you via email.

5.In the competition, you are allowed three attempts, which means you can upload a new speed run video and submit it to our form before the deadline.

5.Please drive safely. We will not be held responsible for any accidents as the vehicle is entirely under the driver's control.

6.Rlaarlo holds the final interpretation rights for the competition.

Best Flight Award - $200 (Longest airtime)

Highest Leap Award - $200 (Greatest jump height)

Best Performance Award - $100

Lucky Draw: $20 (Randomly selected participant)

*For any questions, please contact: cooperation@rlaarlo.com

*Stay tuned for more exciting updates and news coming your way on our Instagram:rlaarloracing_ and Facebook groups:Rlaarlo Racing!

*A person can win at most one type of award (except for the participation award).

*You can still participate even if you don't have a GPS, but you will not be eligible to win the Highest Leap Award.



Track Details
Track Name Rlaarlo
NY, , USA 518000
Contact Rlaarlo RC
Phone (151) 778-86075
Website http://www.rlaarlo.com
Hobby Shop No
Event Flyer Click Here
Dates & Times
Start End
Open Practice 09/04/23 12:00 AM 09/20/23 12:00 AM
Controlled Practice N/A N/A
Qualifiers 09/06/23 12:00 AM Depends on entries
Mains 10/06/23 12:00 AM Depends on entries
Track Amenities
No further track details provided
Event Cost
1st Class $200.00 USD
2nd Class $200.00 USD
3rd Class $100.00 USD
Qual Type Judged Course
Entry Details
Registration Opens 09/04/23 12:00 AM EST
Registration Closes 09/20/23 12:00 AM EST
Limit 500
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