Le Mans Endurance Challenge Sept 3rd 2023

Event Information

The most realistic TEAM ENDURANCE R/C Race to date. Pit stops, Driver changes and team dynamics... your team can comprise of up to 4 members. Emulate the most historic race on its 100th year anniversary. the LE MANS ENDURANCE CHALLENGE! Two seperate endurace races in one day. USGT at 2pm and LMP at 6pm as we race into the dark just like the real race. Functioning headlights are required for LMP. We will have our track lights turn on for the race. We knock down the duration to a 1/10th scale size 3 hours per class. We have two class options USGT and LMP which can hold 12 teams each. Each LMP entry includes a Exotek Racing body (class specific) 

NOW OPEN the LMP Registration. THESE are Seperate races LMP has a seperate entry fee.

Team info: Teams will be comprised of 3-4 people. 1 of the team members must be a Sportsman skill level driver. Teams will only be allowed to use one personal transponder number the entire race. All Teams will have their main pit area on the grass for this event. we will be using the concreate slab area as "pit lane" where each team can have the race essentials such as charger, tires, body and batteries Teams are not allowed to swap the entire car for another. If your car breaks you must bring it in to the pits and fix it. Teams will submit a RACER ORDER (think batting order) at the 15 minute mark of every hour the driver will change in the submitted order. cars must be in pit lane when the switch occurs. 1 team member must turnmarshal to represent the team- the turnmarshal will ussually rotate 2 minutes after the driver change so that the track always has marshals. 




Roar Approved 21.5 motor

Battery: Any 2s Lipo

USGT Approved body

Tires: Gravity RC USGT and Ride USGT approved tires only

Weight: 1300g minimum


EXOTEK BODY OR ANY LMP: Le Mans EXXXX ,  Tamiya Toyota Gazoo TS050, New Montech body, any LMP


Weight: 1300g minimum

ALL LMP cars Must have functioning headlights 

Battery: and 2s lipo

Motor: Any ROAR approved 21.5

Tires: Gravity USGT Pre-Mounted GT Rubber Tires with GT Wheels or Ride tires USGT spec

Chassis: 1/10 Scale 4wd Sedan

Again- Once we fill the 12 teams for USGT we will Open registration for the LMP Teams- all updates and info will also be posted on our facebook page to keep things clear

Track Details
2190 North Canal Street,
Orange, CA, US 92865
Contact Cal Raceway
Phone (555) 666-7777
Website https://calraceway.com
Hobby Shop No
Dates & Times
Start End
Open Practice 09/02/23 2:00 PM 09/02/23 8:30 PM
Controlled Practice 09/02/23 2:00 PM 09/02/23 8:30 PM
Qualifiers 09/03/23 1:00 PM Depends on entries
Mains 09/03/23 2:00 PM Depends on entries
Track Amenities
* Bathrooms * Electricity
* Lap Counting System * Lighted Track
* Outdoor Onroad * Pets Allowed
Event Cost
1st Class $125.00 USD
2nd Class $125.00 USD
3rd Class $0.00 USD
Qual Type Judged Course
Entry Details
Registration Opens 06/15/23 8:00 AM EST
Registration Closes 09/01/23 10:00 PM EST
Limit 24
Classes - Electric Onroad
Name Qualifiers A Main B Main C Main D Main Lower

3 hour endurance race

5 min 120 min 4 min 4 min 4 min 4 min
1 qualifiers - 5 minutes each. 12 car mains + 0 Bumps.

3 hour endurance race

5 min 120 min 4 min 4 min 4 min 4 min
1 qualifiers - 5 minutes each. 12 car mains + 0 Bumps.
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