Mackay Cup 2019 (1/10 Short Course Entries)

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1/10 Short Course
Name ID Freq 1 Transponder Paid
1. Herman Senior Van Doornspeek 365778 2.4GHz 3763764 NO
2. Lloyd "Bundy Bear" Bray 365843 2.4GHz 4113012 NO
3. Mad "Mick" Wooley 365846 2.4GHz 78945612311 NO
4. Luke Simmons 365925 2.4GHz 4003755 NO
5. Herman "Herman Junior" Vandoornspeek 367875 2.4GHz 2906418 NO
6. Tim "Boxey" Clark 370440 2.4GHz 8347483 NO
Name Vehicle Model Body Fuel Tires
1. Herman senior Van Doornspeek TEN SCTE 2.0
2. Lloyd "Bundy Bear" Bray SCT410.3
3. mad "mick" wooley TEN SCTE 2.0
4. Luke Simmons SCT410.3
5. Herman "Herman junior" Vandoornspeek SCT410.3
6. Tim "Boxey" Clark 8ight-E 4.0
King Cobra of Florida

Location: Granger, IN, US
Date: 12/06/19 - 12/08/19

2019 JConcepts Indoor National Series Finals Finals

Track: Beach RC
Location: Myrtle Beach, SC, US
Date: 12/12/19 - 12/15/19

2020 CRCRC Winter Midwest Electric Championship

Track: The Ohio RC Factory
Location: Jeffersonville, OH, US
Date: 01/08/20 - 01/12/20

Track Crew DOING WORK!
By: Patrick "Ditty" Rossiter
Race: 2014 Colonel's Winter Classic: RESCHEDULED
Track: Phil Hurd Raceway
North Florida Facebook Reunion Race at Shiverville
By: Patrick "Ditty" Rossiter
Race: North Florida R/C Racers United, 1st Annual Family Reunion
Track: Shiverville Speedway
February 2014 Club Race
By: Theo "Mr. Kojak" Price
Race: •·.·´¯`·.Capital City Raceway Off-Road Race.·´¯`·.·•
Track: Capital City Raceway

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