9th Annual Brian DeCaire Memorial Race (8th Scale Electric Truggy Entries)

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8th Scale Electric Truggy
Name ID Freq 1 Transponder Paid
1. Tom "Tommyboy" Hughes 363584 2.4GHz 8696346 NO
2. Victor Garcia 363585 2.4GHz 5354873 NO
3. Denis Mayville 363606 2.4GHz 0 NO
4. Chris "Coop" Cooper 363621 2.4GHz 0 NO
5. Eric Player 363626 2.4GHz 7432860 NO
6. M Chris "Larocket" Larocque 363659 2.4GHz 5895530 NO
7. M Kat Ascott 363661 2.4GHz NO
8. Rob "Shag" Van Es 363667 2.4GHz 6990741 NO
9. M Jason "Rainman" Ranni 363673 2.4GHz 0 NO
10. Brayden Mckay 363683 2.4GHz 0 NO
11. Michael "MMoore001" Moore 370172 2.4GHz 6013814 NO
12. Paul Van De Wiele 371075 2.4GHz 1111111 NO
13. Pete "Sr." Elphinstone 371244 2.4GHz 8541513 NO
Name Vehicle Model Body Fuel Tires
1. Tom "tommyboy" Hughes MBX7T ECO
2. Victor Garcia ET48
3. Denis mayville M-Chassis
4. Chris "Coop" Cooper 8ight TE 3.0
5. Eric Player RC8B3e
6. M Chris "Larocket" Larocque TEN-SCTE
7. M Kat Ascott
8. Rob "Shag" Van Es MBX7T ECO
9. M Jason "Rainman" Ranni B5M
10. Brayden Mckay T8T-E
11. Michael "MMoore001" Moore 8ight TE 3.0
12. Paul Van De Wiele 8ight TE 3.0
13. Pete "Sr." Elphinstone XB9
King Cobra of Florida

Location: Granger, IN, US
Date: 12/06/19 - 12/08/19

2019 JConcepts Indoor National Series Finals Finals

Track: Beach RC
Location: Myrtle Beach, SC, US
Date: 12/12/19 - 12/15/19

2020 CRCRC Winter Midwest Electric Championship

Track: The Ohio RC Factory
Location: Jeffersonville, OH, US
Date: 01/08/20 - 01/12/20

Track Crew DOING WORK!
By: Patrick "Ditty" Rossiter
Race: 2014 Colonel's Winter Classic: RESCHEDULED
Track: Phil Hurd Raceway
North Florida Facebook Reunion Race at Shiverville
By: Patrick "Ditty" Rossiter
Race: North Florida R/C Racers United, 1st Annual Family Reunion
Track: Shiverville Speedway
February 2014 Club Race
By: Theo "Mr. Kojak" Price
Race: •·.·´¯`·.Capital City Raceway Off-Road Race.·´¯`·.·•
Track: Capital City Raceway

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